build your pillars of strength now!


Based out of Elizabethton TN, CrossFit Kolóna is the original and sole CrossFit Affiliate in the City. We derive our name from the Greek word meaning Pillar and base our core concepts behind the ideal that in order to be truly strong, one must possess prowess in all Four Pillars of Strength: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. With our highly skilled coaching staff, unique facility, and focus on programming, we are prepared to give our Athletes the best possible training experience they can have and a community forged of like minded individuals willing to go that extra mile for one another! 

We began our journey to this place from various points in life and have all converged on the notion that we want to be the best possible version of ourself. It is with this drive that we have found CrossFit and its focus on community and fitness. CrossFit Kolóna has risen to the task of leaving our mark on as many lives as we possibly can to assist them in accomplishing what they once dreamed was impossible. 

Our Facility and Staff are centered around our athletes and as a result, their needs come first. As with such, our programming is traditionally formulated from the CrossFit Template of Programming to provide the most varied training possible with the most positive results imaginable. Focusing on the functionality of movement and understanding that Movement is Life, it is our sincerest hope to improve the quality of life for every athlete that graces our floors!

So let us again welcome you to CrossFit Kolóna! Let us strengthen your Pillars and take your fitness to new levels! 


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