This all began as a plan to test capacity and capabilities just prior to the CrossFit Open. Initially, we wanted it to be strategically one week before the Open Announcement 1 with the intentions of having a week to recover. After a few dry runs and some discussion we thought, "Why not make this an actual competition open to anyone?" And with that The Cut Throat Cupid Challenge was born! With CCC 2017 Behind us and some major players in the area laying down some impressive performances, 2018 will prove to be just as Unique as 2017! As with last year, a few things have changed, However the original concepts of a last minute overall Fitness Test are intact. Consisting of 3 events, we aim to test areas of Strength, Technique and Skill, and General Physical Preparedness this year however, we will be taking a decidedly more CrossFit approach with a heavy amount of Classical WOD restructured to mimic some of the more extraordinary twists we have all grown to expect from the Open. Given our time frame, competitors can expect a 1 week recovery period just prior to the Open 18.1 Announcement so as to allow for the best competitors to recover fully and give 2018 their best shot. No doubt with the added confidence of what they accomplish at the Event!

This will be a Male/Female Team event with both RX and Scaled Divisions! Events for scaled division will be altered so as to accommodate an intermediate level! Show us what you got! 

Fran pic.jpg


RX Division Events: Event 1 Frisky Fran (GPP)
21 x Thrusters 95/65
21 x Pull Ups
15 x Thrusters 115/75
15 x Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
9 x Thrusters 135/95
9 x Bar Muscle Ups
[Each Partner must complete the designated reps, Not necessarily in sync, before increasing the weight and continuing on to the next movements.]

Scaled Division Events:
Event 1 Fran
Thrusters 95/65
Jumping Pull Ups
[Open Standards Apply]


Bear Complex.jpg

Event 2

We have all laid down an impressive 1 Rep Max at some point in our training but have you done a maximal weight with a recovering Heart Rate? Prepare yourself for this dynamic and "Complex" Event, this is a 1 Rep maximal lift, all you powerhouses bring your A Game!


RX Division: Event 2 Bear Complex (Strength)
13 Minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Bear Complex
[Squats must be below parallel, Presses must lock out over top, weight must be controlled to the ground, no dropping from overhead.]

Scaled Division: Event 2
13 minutes to establish a 2 Rep Max Squat Clean Thruster
[No regripping or releasing of the barbell between reps, must be touch and go, hips below parallel in squat, head forward and arms locked above head in finish. Open Standards Apply]

Danty Diane.jpg

Event 3

What Valentine's day isn't complete without a classical Lady? A heavy take on this classic Dirty lady!

RX Division: Event 3 Dirty Diane (Power)
Deadlift 315/225
6" Deficit HSPU
[Hips extended at top, Head must touch ground and arms must be fully extended at top. You may use a pad however depth adjustments will be made to compensate for the depth change.] 


Scaled Division: Event 3
Deadlift 225/155
Hand Release Push Ups
[Weight must be controlled at top with hips extended, Chest must touch ground with both hands released, no part of the body other than hands and feet may be touching when extended at top. Open Standards apply]


Register Here

This Year we have added the options of paying as a team in full or as an Individual, Be advised that teams consist of a Male & Female Athlete and a single registration will not allow entry if paying via Individual. All registrations will include a T-shirt by 7Five. After registering drop us an Email Titled: CCC2018 Registration, in the Body, name both teammates, Name of Team, Affiliated Gym(If you have one), Spirit Animal and TShirt Sizes. 

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